Youth Suicides Rise 57% in Past Decade (could social media be the blame?)

The suicide rate among Americans ages 10 to 24 increased by 57% between 2007 and 2018, according to data published Thursday from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Concerns are mounting that social media could be contributing to the wave of suicides among younger generations.

Between 2007 and 2018, the national suicide rate among persons aged 10–24 increased by 57.4%. The increase was broad, as it was experienced by the majority of states. -NCHS

On a state-by-state basis, the largest percentage increases were seen in New Hampshire, Oregon, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Michigan.

Forty-two states had significant increases in their suicide rates between 2007–2009 and 2016–2018, and eight states had nonsignificant increases. Most states had increases of between 30%–60%. Suicide rates in 2016–2018 were highest in Alaska and lowest in New Jersey. – NCHS

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. A significant contributor behind the trend could be the proliferation of social media in the last decade. 

“There is an independent association between problematic use of social media/internet and suicide attempts in young people,” a study recently published in the LWW Journals titled “Social media, internet use and suicide attempts in adolescents” said. 

Making matters worse, teen and youth anxiety/depression have sharply risen this year as the virus pandemic, depressionary unemployment, and social unrest, have resulted in a pessimistic outlook for the country. 

“At the end of June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed almost 10,000 Americans on their mental health. They found symptoms of anxiety and depression were up sharply across the board between March and June, compared with the same time the previous year. And young people seemed to be the hardest-hit of any group.

“Almost 11 percent of all respondents to that survey said they had “seriously considered” suicide in the past 30 days. For those ages 18 to 24, the number was 1 in 4 — more than twice as high.” –NPR News 

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