Yellow Imperil?

Operation Slippery Slope has hit a snag: too many casualties from friendly fire.

From its official launch in January, Slippery Slope was an ill-conceived aktion with a smoky objective. The plan was fairly simple: Scour local news for all instances in which an Asian person was assaulted by a stranger. Present those incidents with no control sample (i.e., how many whites were assaulted by strangers in those cities during the same period) so that, absent perspective, an illusion is created, a mirage of an epidemic of anti-Asian mayhem carried out by white supremacists because of Covid, Trump, and “China virus” hate speech.

When a white person is savagely attacked by a black, the default official position is always “not hate crime” unless there’s extraordinary evidence to the contrary. Conversely, Slippery Slope’s handbook mandates that all assaults against Asians are default “hate crimes” regardless of the circumstances.

The timing of the operation is odd. Trump’s been out of office for months. Peak lockdown rage has passed; cities are opening up again. Plus, there’s no correlation between the cities where residents are still being tormented by lockdowns (like L.A.) and the location of the assaults. And if the timing is peculiar, so’s the objective—in that it’s hard to figure out exactly what it is. There’s no election coming up, no Trump to defeat, no Democrat in a tight race in a heavily Asian district.

Worse still, most of the assault perpetrators have been black. That really put a dent in the “white supremacist” thing. Until last week, when a repressed neurotic white Bible-boy who lives in fear that every time he jerks it Jesus takes a spear to the pericardium gave an unhappy ending to eight massage-parlor temptresses, six of whom were Asian. This would be Slippery Slope’s Gulf of Tonkin! Now the “epidemic” had drawn mass blood (sure, two of the victims were white, but details, details…). Time for an all-out offensive against racist whites whose anti-Asian words and thoughts had “contributed” to a “climate” that “caused” the mass shooting. The fact that the killer didn’t have a racist motive or a track record of racist comments was irrelevant; the media quickly declared that the police can’t be trusted to accurately investigate the crime. Journalists and Hollywood celebrities simply “knew” that racism was the motive, and their psychic hunches beat actual investigative work and facts (so much for “trusting the science”).

This Chinese chicken salad of stupidity became such a big deal, President Biden and Co-President Harris journeyed to Atlanta to “mourn” the victims (just the Asian ones). History books will forever record that the very first Biden/Harris joint trip was a pilgrimage to grieve for six massage-parlor employees….[    ]

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