Why Democrats demonize good GOPers, too (nypost.com)

There’s a reason why blameless Republicans and Trump voters are being tarred with the same brush as the Capitol rioters

It’s not enough just to arrest and prosecute actual lawbreakers who smashed their way into the Capitol

No, anyone who supported the president, voted for him or worked for his administration now has to be hunted down and purged. 

They’re losing their jobs, having their insurance canceled, their book contracts and recording deals torn up. They are being banned from flying or banking or speaking on social media. 

A petition at Harvard University even demands Trump staffers have their degrees revoked. 

A feverish mood is afoot, evoking the spirit of McCarthyism and the Salem witch trials, in which irrationality and hysteria point fingers at the innocent. 

But it is not just an emotional overreaction to the frightening events of Jan. 6. 

It is a deliberate tactic designed to intimidate conservatives and silence their protests when the Biden administration radically remakes the country, as it has promised to do from Day One. 

Democrats and their allies in corporate America are preemptively taking out the opposition because they know that their prescriptions don’t work and are opposed by the majority of Americans. 

They will now have control of both houses of Congress and the White House and are working fast to establish one-party rule — including stacking the Supreme Court to remove the remaining check on their power, stacking the Senate by creating two new states, and stacking the nation’s demography with unchecked immigration. 

Dismantling border protection is exactly the worst thing to do at a time when our health system is hard-pressed coping with the coronavirus and the economy is weak. 

Even if President Joe Biden delays his promised implementation of sweeping immigration reform, he has signaled his intent, and caravans of hopeful souls in search of a better life already are on the move in Honduras, in what the Washington Post likes to call a “superspreader event” when reporting on any gathering involving Republicans. 

Nancy Pelosi also has revived her H.R. 1 election “reforms,” which failed to pass the Republican-controlled Senate in 2017 and which include such beauties as universal mail-in balloting, same-day registration, weakened voter ID requirements, early voting, [ … ]

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