Who’s the smart one now? Your smartphone is tracking your every move, and selling the info

In a massive investigation by the New York Times opinion desk, reporters discovered that smartphones are not only tracking our every move, but sending that location information to private companies.

Reporters from NYT gained access from anonymous sources to 50 billion data points that pinpointed the exact location of 12 million Americans’ phones over several months in 2016 and 2017. From just a tiny bit of one company’s storage of location data, the NYT found there were able to track and identify senior government officials, investigative journalists, celebrities, and even an engineer who took a position at a rival company published Futurism.

The amount of data these companies have on all of us is frightening. Any company that states that they protecting your privacy or ensuring that your data is anonymous is either lying or being deliberately misleading.

What do you think?

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