Who and What Killed George Floyd?

George Floyd was not choked to death.

Friday, as the jury was being empaneled for the trial of fired police officer Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis City Council voted 13-0 to approve a record $27 million civil settlement with the family of George Floyd over his death in police custody.

The jury will not likely miss this message sent by the city fathers:

I.e., an atrocity was perpetrated by our police, and we are admitting our responsibility and doing our duty by offering these reparations for Floyd’s cruel and unjustified death and the suffering visited on his family.

Most Americans who saw the nine-minute tape of Chauvin with his knee on the neck of George Floyd as he pleaded, “I can’t breathe,” will probably concur with the charge of criminal culpability of Chauvin.

Yet, over the months, new facts and factors have emerged.

George Floyd was not choked to death. He was not asphyxiated. He was not killed by Chauvin’s knee on the side of his neck. An autopsy showed Floyd’s neck muscles were not even bruised.

Floyd died when his heart stopped. Yet, he was already suffering from an enlarged heart with constricted arteries, one of five of which was 90% blocked and two others were 75% blocked.

An autopsy found heavy concentrations of fentanyl in Floyd’s system and traces of methamphetamines. If Floyd had collapsed and died in the street while being wrested into the squad car, his death would have been attributed to a drug overdose and a bad heart.

Also, a videotape of the minutes prior to Floyd’s being put on the pavement, his neck under Chauvin’s knee, shows Floyd crying, repeatedly, “I can’t breathe,” while resisting the two rookie cops trying to put him in the patrol car.

Moreover, there is testimony from those with Floyd when he was stopped for passing an allegedly phony $20 bill, that he had passed out in the car before the cops arrived. And the arresting cops claim he was foaming at the mouth before being restrained.

In short, Chauvin’s defense attorneys will likely make a credible case, backed by evidence, that Floyd’s death was not caused by the knee on his neck but by the battered condition of his heart, the near-lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, and his anxiety and panic at being arrested and fearing, as he wailed, that he was going to be shot.

The prosecution will counter-claim that Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck, and the two other cops sitting on him, precipitated the stopping of his heart.

But the prosecution faces other questions.

How could Chauvin, who arrived late to the scene, know Floyd was a drug addict with a serious heart condition and a large amount of fentanyl in his system, before using the restraint technique of sitting on him and putting a knee on the side of his neck?

What was Chauvin trying to do when he arrived to see two rookie cops trying to cope with a powerfully built, six-foot-four-inch, 220-pound man violently resisting arrest? …..[    ]

What do you think?

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30 days ago

Anyone who bothered to read the actual autopsy could have told you that many many months ago. Many did, including myself, and were shouted and scorned by MSM nitwits.

30 days ago

The George Floyd stuff is an even bigger hoax than “hands up don’t shoot”. 

red line
30 days ago

I’m sure of the answer … but one thing I do know is that defunding the police will only increase crime and hurt defenseless Twin Cities citizens. Police do more good than harm!

snoopy sam
30 days ago

I don’t think the Minneapolis officers caused Floyd’s death … but why don’t police use tools rather than brute force to restrain people. Anything from zip tying his legs and arms, to tasers, tranquiller, and even lassos would make a million times more sense and be more effective.

We’re humans; we should be using our brains and not our muscles to solve problems.

30 days ago

Floyd wasn’t killed by Minneapolis cops. His own criminal behavior, and health issues (coupled with use of multiple drugs in his system) created the environment that lead to his death. No one wants to believe it because it because that means this BLM movement is bogus.



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