When Harry Became Sally, the Author was Cancelled by Amazon

We often discuss the deafening silence of professors and writers in the face of campaigns to cancel or censor conservative writers. Indeed, many have supported blacklisting and censorship. That disturbing silence is evident this week after Amazon appeared to deplatform Ryan Anderson and his best-selling book, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement.”  Now various conservative sites are objecting that a documentary on conservative Justice Clarence Thomas has been reportedly removed from Amazon’s streaming service — a glaring omission during Black History Month. Amazon has not responded to inquiries as to why the Thomas documentary is no longer available, so it is not clear if this was an intentional or negligent act. Given the controversy over the Anderson book, the sudden unavailability has triggered objections.

A search this morning still found no availability of the book.  I have not read the book and I am unfamiliar with Anderson’s arguments. However, my concern is not with the merits of its arguments but the effort to prevent others from reading such arguments.

The intentional removal of the book would be another raw example of private censorship. This is the very danger that I discussed in my recent testimony before the House on efforts to use private companies to implement a system of viewpoint controls. There is a great divide on the issue of how to define gender and how legally to address different genders. This book is part of that national dialogue. However, instead of responding to such book with counterarguments, many want to silence the author to prevent others from reading or hearing his views.

A similar controversy arose last year when Target pulled the book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” after a single Twitter follower objected. Target later yielded after a national backlash and allowed people to buy the book….[    ]

What do you think?

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Ms Merit
2 months ago

free transgender surgery for troops, at the expense of tax payers

Ms Merit
2 months ago

The famous liberal philosopher Bertrand Russell would be shocked today.

Like George Orwell, Russell was a champion of freedom of opinion and an opponent of both censorship and indoctrination.

No doubt. Russell would be labelled a “white supremacist” by progressive fascists today.

R Bases
2 months ago

Amazon supports the Tranny Tyranny!

Frying Pan
2 months ago

Amazon cloned the Sears catalog. It should be easy for any number of online retailers to replace Amazon.

Call Me Them
2 months ago

Big Tech = McCarthyism.

2 months ago

It’s incredible that book burning has become normalized. In the future when historians write about the great period of censorship and book burning, it will be about medieval times many centuries ago, and now, circa 2020.

2 months ago

If the people continue to “pay their taxes” to support their own oppression I have no words… If you haven’t realized it yet YOU are the enemy. Act accordingly.

2 months ago

d) the guy who brings the marshmallows

2 months ago

Who is worse:
a) the guy who brings the books
b) the guy who brings the matches
c) the guy who brings the lighter fluid

2 months ago

Weirdizing normal
Normalizing weird 
It’s the Gay Nazi way,  Ernst Röhms revenge

2 months ago

Woke liberals that have accepted this as normal are literally losing their minds – check out how many are on psych meds.

2 months ago

“Liberals” supporting censorship are not liberals, they are fascists.

2 months ago

So when are they going to ban selling the Bible? It’s a slippery slope indeed. 

Says Who
2 months ago

The avocado, Beyond Meat, Woka-Cola kids at Amazon don’t realize when they ban something like this, it will instantly become a Best Seller and make even more money and get even more attention.

2 months ago

I have no problem with involuntary sex changes for children. In fact, I think it should be mandatory for all children of Democrats.
And for all adult Democrats too, for that matter.

Let this pestilence die out in one sterile generation and be done with it.

2 months ago

Transgenderism should be exposed as a defunct mental illness and a deviant sexual disfunction. No sane man would pump his body full of female sex hormones and be happy with the bodily changes. 

Nailed It
2 months ago

These are nazi tyrants and if you think that terminology is too strong then what do you call people who burn books and want their political enemies dead. 

last word
2 months ago

Stop doing business with people who want you dead.



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