What you don’t know about COVID-19 vaccines can hurt you

In this column, I will share facts about  COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines. Sources include: America’s Front Line Doctors (www.AFLDS.com; Dr. Lee Merritt with American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS.com); Dr. Ray Solano interview from The Eric Metaxis Show; Dr. Reinor Fuellmich interview,  and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz on Valuetainment.com; the Jan.16  issue of greenmedicinenewsletter.com;  theepochtimes.com; TheHighWire.com; Front Line Critical Care Conf. (ffccc.com) and lifesitenews.com.

As I will only be able to hit their high points, please refer to them.

YouTube and others have punished valid alternative views by canceling or blocking. This is part of the intent to discredit and silence any dissenting opinions, as is the present cancel culture.

Why is medical information as well as political and social free speech being stifled?  Where do see that the powers to be, tell the masses that is good is evil, and evil is good? Throughout history, stating unapproved ideas has been risky, as even in the case of Sir Isaac Newton, or deadly, as in the case of Jesus Christ.

With the advent of this unknown virus, different ideas of prevention and treatment are expected to continually change. In the attempt to be “good” citizens, we actually judge each other because of conflicting scientific information. Citizens are turning on and turning in each other in ways that are very disturbing. We are confused and in need of scientific honesty.

Check The Great Barrington. Declaration, gbdeclaration.org, signed by more than 13,000 scientists and physicians. This explains the medical irrationality of lockdowns.

Many diseases are called by their area of origin such as German measles, Ebola virus, Lyme disease.  The initial name was the Wuhan virus, but the Chinese Communist Party had it relabeled COVID-19.

The Food and Drug Administration approved hydroxychloroquine for Lupus and arthritis, and it has a 50 year history of safety and effectiveness. In most of the world, HCQ is over the counter for malaria prevention and treatment. Whenever used in Africa for these reasons, the number of deaths from COVID-19 of those citizens who take HCQ is only one-tenth of the U.S.

Other countries have the same success with HCQ.  A new article in the January  Journal of the American Medical Association  stated unequivocally that HCQ is effective, if used early.

More than 195 medical articles support its use. The World Health Organization mandates all countries to have stocks of this essential medicine.  However, the Lancet Medical Journal made a very rare mistake in publishing an article stating HCQ was ineffective for Wuhan virus. This was retracted, but it stopped clinical trials of HCQ’s effectiveness.

Some media failed to report the retraction. However, the Chinese government mandated the use of HCQ as well as India, The lowest death rates from COVID-19 are in countries with no masking, no social distancing, lockdowns, but with HCQ access.

Emergency room physicians and university professors (Johns Hopkins) have been fired for prescribing or even talking about HCQ, Ivermcqectin, and the steroid budesonide. Others have had their medical licenses suspended or revoked. There is no appropriate reason for this….[    ]

What do you think?

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