Voice of the People: Evidence of election fraud clear (www.daily-journal.com)

A conservative man comes home from work to find his liberal wife in bed with another man. ”I can’t believe you’re cheating on me!” he exclaims. The young lover leaves and the liberal wife calmly states ”My dear, what are you talking about? There’s simply no evidence that I’m cheating on you. You just need to settle down while I make dinner.” The conservative husband protests, but she holds her ground, telling him there was no one there and he could not have seen what he is proclaiming.

This is where we are with the 2020 election. Your paper, the Associated Press, even Adam Kinzinger, spreads the narrative ”there was no evidence of election fraud.”

Yet clearly there was, in many states. The constitution requires state legislatures to set the rules for elections, but in many states the legislature was circumvented as governors, local commissioners, and others outside the legislature changed the rules of their elections on the fly. It’s not the outcome of the election that has many of us outraged, it is the way the election was held and the way we are being treated and lied to in the aftermath. And our fear is we will continue to be ignored, unheard, and maligned by this new administration, our representatives and the press. We’re not stupid, and we know what we saw….[   ]

What do you think?

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9 months ago

No evidence, whatsoever. All conspiracy theories.
Biden clearly won the election, led by a couple of states which stop counting.
But then suddenly start counting again at 4am.
All of a sudden Biden lead.
By just barely enough to win.
The MSM refused to cover any State hearings which demonstrated fraud.
And any court cases dismissed with no evidence allowed to be heard.
While the swearing in attended only by the National Guard.
Who are forced to defend it.
Despite knowing it was all fraudulent.
Although the MSM and Big Tech declared it an honest election.
And you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, White supremacist for even questioning it.
Now take your diversity training, or lose your job.
While foreigners pour into your nations.
To murder your sons and the elderly.
And your daughters watch endless race mixing propaganda on tv.
So that your people are bred out of existence.

Mr Random
9 months ago

Joseph R. Biden Jr. ran for president in 1988. Raised a lot of money early, but forced to drop out for plagiarism, lying about his degree(s), and lying about graduating at the top of his law school class. He ran again in 2008 and dropped out after getting less than 1% in New Hampshire primary. Obama picked him up off the scrap heap. In 2020 he garnered 81 million votes – more than any US president in history. LMAO! — Can you see why most suspect election fraud?

9 months ago

Pedo Joe got 15 million more votes then obama.
The most popular president eva. Zero fraud!

Miss Me Not
9 months ago

The Democrats are the ones refusing to accept the election. The Electoral College protects the “fly.over” states.

Butt Head
9 months ago

Never mentions when the election officials are committing fraud. This is where you see the most.

9 months ago

According to the BBC: “Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs”
Too many voters.
A high turnout in specific areas.
Large numbers of invalid votes.
Results that don’t match.
Delay in announcing results

9 months ago

coming from a 3rd world country, this is exactly how it works. stop the counting and the numbers are flipped….

9 months ago

Red flags of voter fraud overlooked by democrats.

9 months ago

If the people are trying to be polite and civilized, showing emotional restraint, working hard, being educated, speaking properly and articulated, delaying gratification, being goal-oriented, and respecting law and order, then their voice can be ignored.

9 months ago


FORENSIC FIRM: 300,000 BIDEN VOTES In Michigan and Wisconsin in the 2020 ELECTION Were ADDED By OUTSIDE SOURCES

new age
9 months ago

If you say there was election fraud they will “deplatform” you, ban you, and socially and economically ostracize you. Welcome to totalitarianism my friends.

Funny how for the 4 years prior, Dems were free to state Russia interfered with the elections, thereby ensuring Trump was elected. Nothing ever happened to them for their false claims.

Nico Norris
9 months ago

universal truth: ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’

9 months ago

The Democrats filed suit BEFORE the election to FOREGO the signature verification process in mail-in ballots.

9 months ago

The votes where changed before they made it to be counted , recount wont matter

Tag Lady
9 months ago

They weren’t asking for a freaking ID!

9 months ago

It’s not voters who decide elections.
It’s the vote counters.

9 months ago

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

9 months ago

America needs to go back to nothing but an agrarian society. Maybe even hunter gathering. We don’t deserve more.

Franco Combs
9 months ago

We have already crossed the line from legitimate to illegitimate authority.

Plan accordingly.



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