US Urgently Needs to Challenge China's Chokehold on Rare Earth Materials

  • The Chinese Communist Party’s near monopoly on most of these 17 rare earth materials (REM) is by now a US national security vulnerability of enormous strategic importance…. China’s October 13 decision to curtail the export of these vitally needed rare earth materials should serve as an urgent warning to the U.S. to begin developing an independent supply chain of these materials.

  • The Defense Department has not acted with the sense of urgency demanded by the president…. Consequently, if US-China relations plummet to the point where conflict appears imminent, America’s military would be disadvantaged should the Chinese decide to sever exports of REM to the US market.

  • The US would do well… by quickly decoupling its economy from dependency on China for rare earth materials — and if possible, from everything else. [ … ]

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