Urban Blight Everywhere: Stores Leave Cities Due to Rampant Crime

Pharmacy giant Walgreens has closed its 10th store in the San Francisco area, prompting residents to blame rampant shoplifting caused by the city’s soft-on-crime policies.

The store is set to permanently shut its doors on March 17, and the move has drawn an online petition against the closure, which accrued over 200 signatures at the time of publishing. The closure is the third since mid-October 2020, and those living in the area reported brazen thefts at Walgreens pharmacies throughout their hometowns.

“All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters, ” a regular customer, Sebastian Luke, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

One October incident was caught on video as Inside Edition reporters were following a story on the rampant larcenies. A thief, donning black clothing, was seen on video scaling a counter, grabbing an air vent, and leaving the store on a scooter as shelves in the store were left bare from similar sprees.

“I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,” Luke said. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”….[    ]

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2 months ago

The African slave trade: the gift that keeps on giving – one civil war, countless acts of lawlessness and overbearing police forces to try and keep a lid on the violence, etc… thank god we have people like Christopher Wray director of the FBI tirelessly on the job going after those white supreeemacists

Direct Link
2 months ago

The areas will just turn into CHAZ, with all the tent cities, barricades, garbage, filth, crime, etc. Soon every major city will be like ‘Escape from New York’.

2 months ago

It is a joke how these woke politicians do not see secondary impacts. You don’t arrest people for shoplifting and stores lose money and close inasmuch as higher property taxes killing cities, you raise the minimum wage and firms lay off employees and close, et al. In Chicago, some were saying BLM looting during riots was a justified form of slavery reparations, then the looted stores will close and they will say it is racism. Idiot politicians and fixes.

No Comment
2 months ago

Get Woke and Go Broke. Walgreens brought most of this social justice crap on themselves so they have no right to complain.

Ms Merit
2 months ago

every day is juneteenth now!

Jun 19, 2020

This Juneteenth, we pledge to work toward an anti-racist society & affirm our support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Today, we share our commitment to racial equality by investing in two Chicago-based organizations doing impactful work as we build a long-term action plan.

they dug their hole, now let them lay in it

R Bases
2 months ago

But the mayor’s house has a police presence, so it’s OK. Razor wire coming soon.

2 months ago

Liberal Democrat run cities are already third world!

2 months ago

This is the way a First World Country becomes a Third World Country, one straw at a time. 

Frying Pan
2 months ago

I predict next will come restaurants. Eat and refuse to pay. You really think the Police will bother?

2 months ago

Mostly peaceful shoplifting.

2 months ago

Sometimes..you actually get what you vote for.

Big Blue
2 months ago

Scandinavians ruin everything…



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