United Airlines Announces It Will Prioritize Racial and Gender Quotas Over Qualifications in Pilot Hiring

Following an announcement by united Airlines that the company will focus on hiring ethnically ‘diverse’ pilots, Tucker Carlson warned that the company is prioritising woke policies over safety.

Carlson charged that United Airlines has transformed into “a combination of a hyperaggressive corporate H.R. department and a left-wing political action committee.”

“An airline pilot transports hundreds of people at a time in a thin-walled metal tube going nearly 600 miles an hour 35,000 feet off the ground,” Carlson noted, adding “Flying a commercial airliner is dangerous, like performing heart surgery, no matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s inherently high-stakes. People die if you screw up.”

“In the airline business, as in medicine, not killing people is all that matters,” Carlson continued, adding “So how will racial and gender quotas make United Airlines safer? That’s the only question that matters.”

Carlson noted that the company wants to replace its pilots because of skin colour, suggesting “Only diseased people think like this.”

“You do not want to live in a completely racialized country, where a person’s genetics are the most important thing about them. Where you are reduced to your DNA, dehumanized. But that’s exactly the society they are creating,” Carlson warned….[   ]

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