UC-Berkeley unveils plan for racial quota

The University of California-Berkeley is on its way to becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution, which means that at least 25 percent of undergraduate students identify as “Chicanx/Latinx.”

UC-Berkeley’s Chancellor Carol Christ announced in August 2018 her “intention to set the UC Berkeley campus on a journey to become an HSI by 2027,” according to the Chancellor’s Task Force on Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution’s report, published in December 2020.

A Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) is defined as one that “has an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25 percent Hispanic students at the end of the award year immediately preceding the date of application.”

The report states that Christ would like to see 25 percent of undergraduate students “self-identify as Chicanx/Latinx” by 2027.

“[Christ] identified this priority as one of the boldest goals in the campus’ strategic plan—for at least 25 percent of enrolled undergraduate students to self-identify as Chicanx/Latinx, for the University to be a preferred destination for Pell Grant eligible students, and for every student to thrive at Berkeley and to find belonging in all dimensions of the campus towards a true exemplification of comprehensive excellence,” the report said.

The HSI task force is divided into three implementation phases from 2020-2027. Phase three’s goal (2025-2027) is to apply for HSI Designation.

Six other UC schools are already HSI designated: UC-Davis, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Riverside, UC-Merced, UC-Santa Cruz, and UC-Irvine.

In 2020, UC-Berkeley had a 17.9 percent Latino student population, roughly 7.1 percent away from meeting the enrollment requirement, according to the report overview.

“Excellence is rooted in diversity — Berkeley’s excellence demands diversity — diversity of thought, perspective, experience, cultural identity. In order to keep Berkeley relevant, we must enhance and strengthen our efforts to attract and retain diverse community members, The Hispanic Serving Institution Initiative is one of several important inclusion programs that will help us achieve this excellence,” reads the report.

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Me Too
1 month ago


Excellence is rooted in diversity

Well, except for NFL and NBA teams…

1 month ago

Congratulations if you spent six figures on UC Berkeley tuition for yourself of your child.
Your degree is now worth approximated 85% less in terms of reputation than it was just a few years ago.

1 month ago

Don’t worry, once they become successful and make a lot of money they’ll start voting Republican and preserving traditional American values. This is what Reagan, GW Bush, and the GOP have been saying about immigrants and minorities for 40 years now while waving them in. It’s gonna’ happen any day now.

1 month ago

Imagine disarming and having these mentally ill pieces of garbage able to do anything they want to you.

1 month ago

25% Latinx 100% Retxrded

1 month ago

Higher-Ed has now become completely worthless.

1 month ago

Let’s just save a lot of time and confusion and post “No Whites Allowed” over the doors.

1 month ago

This is the most racist crap ever.
Democrats are RACISTs. Through and through. 



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