Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Admits to Mob Censorship During Congress Hearing

During today’s Section 203 Hearing in front of Senate, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reluctantly admitted that Twitter’s moderating system is based simply on how many and whoever shows the most outrage.

In response to questioning from Sen. Rick Scott, Dorsey replied:

“We don’t have a general policy around misleading information and misinformation… We rely upon people calling that speech out.”

You can watch the discussion here:

Seems like mob-rule to me.

In summary, Twitter manages content by whatever collectivist group of politically-motivated users dictate what is fake news and what is truth.

Brilliant strategy.

Since 69% of top Twitter Users (who create 92% of all the tweets in the U.S.) lean left, according to a recent Pew study, there is certainly bias against conservative Republican voices in the Twitter cess pool.

What do you think?

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