Turn snitch and get rich: Texas teen gives his own dad in to the FBI for ‘Capitol raid’, pays his way through college

A Texas teenager has turned his father in to the FBI for taking part in the Capitol Hill riot, and pocketed tens of thousands of dollars from liberal admirers in the process.

When Jackson Reffitt’s father returned to the family home in Wylie, Texas, after the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month, Jackson claimed that he warned his son to keep his mouth shut. “If you turn me in, you’re a traitor,” he reportedly said. “And you know what happens to traitors. Traitors get shot.”

However, Jackson had already reported the 48-year-old Guy Reffitt to the FBI, telling agents he thought his father was planning “something big” during the certification of election results at the capitol, per a New York Times article on Sunday. After the riot, Reffitt was identified in video footage from the Capitol, tracked down in Texas, and arrested, according to a sworn affidavit by an FBI agent.

Guy Reffitt was charged with obstruction of justice and of knowingly entering a restricted building, though he claims he never actually entered the Capitol. Jackson Reffitt left his family home, and has since become something of a celebrity.

Turning in his father landed Reffitt interviews with CNN, Fox and the New York Times, with the CNN interview the first his family heard about his contact with the FBI. “My mom and my sisters are absolutely ruined about the news from what I did,” Reffitt tweeted on Saturday.

Apparently encouraged by his supporters, Reffitt set up a crowdfunding campaign, and after raising the donation limit several times has netted just under $87,000 in less than three days. This amount has paid for his university tuition, repaired his car, and purchased his dental insurance, Reffitt wrote on GoFundMe.

Praise has poured in from liberals, who applauded Reffitt’s “bravery” in snitching on his own father….[   ]

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Dorris C
Dorris C
1 month ago

Ill snitch on politicians defrauding elections and stealing money. Oh wait. Everyone knows, Supreme Court approves.

1 month ago

Stalin and Hitler used to do this crap! This is why the Right To Bare Arms was put into the Constitution!

1 month ago

The real definition of ‘peaceful’ protests.

1 month ago

Gun owners will soon be snitched to be hunted, like the Nazis hunted jews.

1 month ago

Patriots are being treated like criminals and criminals are being treated like victims

1 month ago

You will be Assimilated, Education is Futile.

1 month ago

Well well well sounds a lot like what will happen once the radical left takes full control

1 month ago

Two words: Identity Politics.

1 month ago

Right on. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes MSM journalism.

1 month ago

This has happened before. See, Chinese Cultural Revolution: the boy who denounced his mother


American Gulak
1 month ago

the horrors of radical totalitarian collectivism

1 month ago

During Chinese Communist Revolution, families turn against each other and children snitched on their parents, just like this dude.

Me Too
1 month ago

all the snitches here it’s your time to shine

1 month ago

perfect sociopath in the making

1 month ago

Interesting that the Gestapo also relied on a huge pool of informants. Says a lot about Democrats.

1 month ago

They’re moving in to violate parents rights and responsibilities further

1 month ago

Perfect American Stasi

1 month ago

Fascists: Join the party or go to gulag.
Everybody: Fine!

Dan H
1 month ago

The American Nazi Party is setting up shop, and it’s 1939.

1 month ago

GoFundMe is a scam as it only funds liberal agendas for the “public good.” It denied efforts to raise funding to investigate election fraud, despite widespread public support.


dennis the menace
1 month ago

I hope it also pays for his psychiatric bills and meds after he realizes what he did to his father and broke up his family.



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