Trump's Greatest Achievement: Exposing the rot and corruption of our ruling class

No matter how the presidential election ends, one of President Donald Trump’s myriad achievements stands above all others: he has exposed the unprecedented degree of rot and corruption that pervades the American system.

More specifically, Trump has exposed the ruling class: the bipartisan political establishment and its adjuncts in Big Tech, the corporate media, Big Business and Woke Capital, the academy, and across the commanding heights of American society.

Trump’s manners engender hatred in the ruling class. Even more significantly, his tenacity in confronting the ruling class’s members with their failures—and the fact he has threatened to rectify those failures—discredits and disempowers those responsible for them. Their response—a perpetual effort to destroy him—has shown the ruling class to be lawless and tyrannical.

Consequently, the ruling class has obliterated the institutions it claimed to be defending, revealing to those Americans not addled by Trump Derangement Syndrome that the emperor has no clothes. Americans willing to look can now see that those institutions which ostensibly exist to serve us have no reservations about launching a full-scale assault on us if it serves their interests.

Consider what we have learned about the leaders of the country in the last four years.

We learned that they would do everything in their power to destroy a president who takes them on: delegitimizing his election; baselessly demonizing and slandering him as a Nazi, racist, and bigot; lying perpetually through media conduits to undermine and smear him; pulling documents off his desk to subvert him; concocting false narratives meant to portray him as a traitor to justify spying on him and his confidantes; waging legal and political jihads aimed at toppling him; weaponizing national security, intelligence, and law-enforcement apparatuses to punish him and like-minded dissenters from the ruling class orthodoxy; impeaching him over his desires to root out political [ … ]

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