Trump's End Game

The good news is it’s still entirely possible for Donald Trump to be reelected. The bad news is that it is likely to come down to the RINOs.

Joe Biden, in his cough-punctuated speech Monday night, declared victory and enumerated all the ways that he defeated Donald Trump – seven million more votes, a “landslide” in Electoral College votes coupled with Trump’s zero batting average in every courtroom to hear his case so far.

But there is now also a hugely encouraging fact: on Monday Trump won his most significant battle yet when seven swing states sent pro-Trump electors to Washington. Now, someone must decide whether to accept the Biden slate of electors for those states, which also were sent on Monday, or the Trump slates.

Millions of Americans are persuaded there was widespread systemic fraud and corruption in the 2020 vote. But, a number of courts have seen heaps of evidence, affidavits etc. Yet, they’ve taken zero action favorable to Trump.

That’s because the electoral system, as devised, makes it impossible to effectively challenge voting fraud. No court can process sufficiently and fairly all the evidence, claims and counterclaims, testimony, etc. in the time between election day and the day electors are chosen. It takes about half the available time just to research and pull together cases and file them. Cases this complicated take months, even years to be resolved in courts.

No court was about to overturn a national election based on what are essentially only allegations in a lawsuit without testing their veracity in a full-blown trial with the accused allowed to present their case, and both sides engaging in cross examination, discovery and other requisite legal niceties to determine whether the allegations hold water. That just wasn’t ever going to happen. Certainly not by Dec. 14 when Electoral College electors were sent to Washington. 

Trump’s team has known this all along. If so, things probably are advancing pretty much according to Trump’s plan.

Democrats always have been aware of how unlikely it is for a court to hand Trump early victory. No doubt they made their shenanigans as complicated as possible to ensure that a quick court challenge would be even less likely to succeed, as challenges dragged out beyond deadlines. Remember how Gore v. Bush ended? The clock ran out. The court cases didn’t.

Not all deadlines are absolute, although the next two seem pretty hard and fast: [ … ]

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