Trump's 2nd impeachment is the start of a bad chapter in America

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is something Joe Stalin would be proud of.  This warrantless, baseless, and clearly unconstitutional show trial of impeachment by the Progressives (Deep State, socialists, globalists) is something Stalin would do.

In America, trials are meant to ascertain facts in a neutral setting and, if necessary, meet out reasonable punishment.  But in today’s America, in our nation’s capital, the Progressives in power used this Orwellian impeachment trial of Trump for a very different purpose with a very different planned outcome.  From a biased impeachment judge,  Democrat Patrick Leahy, to an impeachment manager, Eric Swalwell, who in many American minds has probably permitted espionage and possibly committed borderline treason with a Chinese spy, this trial was for show and for warning.  Swalwell is the same congressman who shouted “Russia-Russia-Russia” but knew that his accusations were lies.  To call it a “kangaroo court” would be a disservice to kangaroo courts everywhere.  It is much deeper, darker, and more destructive than that.  Progressives have made Trump a martyr. 

To understand just how dystopian this attempted purge of “all things Trump” is, one must seriously look at how Stalin treated his rivals in the Soviet Union in the 1930s  and how Mao treated his rivals during China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.  In both cases, with Stalin and the Soviet Union as well as Mao and China, illegitimate and ruthless power was used against political opponents.  It was used not just to punish rivals.   Communist show trials were also used to warn potential suitors and potential power-seekers to stay away from the powers of government.  Today’s Progressives used time-tested communist tactics in this impeachment show trial to warn the next guy who has the power and money to seek office in his own right, without Deep State support, to never again attempt it.  The unspoken but obvious meaning from this Progressive purge of Trump and the 80 million Trump voters is, “We will destroy you also, don’t try this again.”

By means of this show trial, not only are Progressives vowing to embarrass you; they are stating that they will destroy you and your family — politically, socially, and financially.  Progressives certainly fear that if Trump is allowed to run again for president in 2024, he could win.  They know what happened when the actual votes were tallied in 2020.  They know that the fix was in, so they cannot trust Trump or the voters in 2024….[    ]

What do you think?

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1 month ago

They stole the election and are terrified of Trump returning to office – they will literally try anything to prevent his return no matter how fraudulent – it’s what they know,

1 month ago

Bush and Obama murdered millions of innocent people, but Trump got impeached twice over a phone call and a speech.

There is no more America, secession is all that’s left.

American Gulak
1 month ago

News flash… Libertarians always lose these big battles because they are not cabable of being organized into a large enough movement. That is what makes them Libertarians.

During the Russian Revolution, the Greens (Libertarian landed gentry) were limited to fighting guerrilla actions against both the Reds and Whites.

Needless to say they lost everything.

1 month ago

All the rules have changed now. I pity the Dems when they lose their power … revenge will be bittersweet.

1 month ago

Trump’s 2nd impeachment was almost exactly like Stalin’s show trials, designed to strike fear into anyone that would have the nerve to go against liberals and the Deep State’s plans.

1 month ago

Progressives won’t shy away from using any totalitarian strategies to punish Trump supporters and ensure that they stay in power.



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