Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

The pandemic of Covid – 19 that started in 2020 have hit the companies very hard worldwide and it has upended how businesses operate. Most of the companies have moved their products and services online as people are preferring to buy online rather than going out. The way customers have responded in last many months has given some insights into marketing trend that are working in this new normal and what you can expect in 2021

While shift towards online strategies was already ongoing but the difference is that now it has been accelerated. Companies are shifting online with a mindset of engaging and retaining current customers and generating more traffic, leads, and revenue.  To get to this end, the companies must consider new and the tried and tested digital marketing strategies to remain competitive in the digital world.

  •  Artificial Intelligence – With the advancement of existing technologies and new technologies in the field of AI has increased in ability to provide valuable customer insights for companies thus improving the digital marketing strategies.  AI as part of digital marketing is now a reality, offering a range of benefits and options. Companies like Amazon, Spotify and YouTube have already adopted it and are using it within their marketing.
  • Virtual Reality – VR is a computer technology that creates 3D simulated environment. It creates a virtual world which is immersive and almost as authentic as real world. It is already being used by online shopping companies around the world to increase the shopping experience of its customers. Companies like Ikea, L’Oreal  are using the VR technology to lure the customers. Ikea lets you see how the furniture will look in your space before you buy it. Same way L’Oreal let you try out variety of hair colours and makeup styles.
  • Voice search – This has been increasingly use by people all over the world. Voice searches are distinctively different from text based searches. In a text based search, you get millions of results. But in voice search, you only get few searches and in some cases only one. So, getting on the first page of a result page might be a thing of past. The top spot will be the place everyone will be vying for.
  • Chatbots – It enables brands to engage with their customers in conversations to create better customer relationships and help to drive more sales. A chatbot is a computer program or software that automates conversation with a user. They can be programmed with different responses based on what a user chooses or requests. Chatbots can be helpful in following aspects of a business
  • For Customer service
  • For Sales
  • For FAQ
  • For Shopping
  • For Marketing
  • Personalization – As the more and more companies are using digital marketing. It is getting important for companies to send personalized messages to their customer to get more impact on their customers. With the use of AI and machine learning, sending personalized messages is getting easier.
  • Influencer Marketing – It is becoming the fastest growing consumer acquisition channel beating organic searches, paid searches and email marketing. Influencer marketing is providing high quality leads and customers, if a company is collaborating with high quality influencer.

Digizoom is a digital marketing company who has experience has been servicing its customers all over the world with its technology driven marketing strategies and impacted the online business of its customers positively.

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Written by Grish Arora



Digizoom is a leading digital marketing company in Delhi, India that is obsessed with creating new and innovative ideas to boost your business growth online.

Digizoom  has emerged as an integrated Brand and Marketing technology company with a digital DNA. In the last 8 years of our journey, Digizoom has managed to carve an outstanding reputation among its clients and competitors alike.

Since its inception in 2011, Digizoom has evolved as a fully self-sufficient and globally applauded Digital Marketing Solutions Provider.

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