The worst VCs to work with, as rated by founders (

What tradition is there in the startup world more timeless than dunking on VCs? Whether it’s the infamous @VCbrags Twitter account or startup founders themselves mocking the industry, there’s no shortage of hot takes on there around venture capital.

But if you’re a fledgling founder yourself, or work daily with these sorts of people, you may reasonably be wary of blasting a major VC on your Linkedin or Twitter page. After all – you do need their money to survive, right?

That’s where VC Guide comes in. This site allows founders to submit anonymous reviews about their experiences with certain investors from certain firms, assigning them a rating on a scale of 1-10 and writing a description about their experience. Though VCs are encouraged to respond to these claims, they seldom do. While the reviews on the site tend to skew positive – this is, after all, supposed to be more of a tool for startups than a VC Burn Book – there are still a number of overwhelmingly negative reviews and VCs who have apparently built up quite an infamous reputation for themselves.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve scraped the site’s reviews and data to create a list of the worst-rated VCs on the platform. Let’s briefly explain how the metrics work.

For each VC, we’ve listed three metrics: Average Score, Sentiment, and Review Count. The first and last ones are self-explanatory – Average Score is an average of all the reviews any given VC has. Sentiment, however, is a little more complicated. Our sentiment rating uses a tool for Python called VADER to quantify how the language in any given review skews. In short, it analyzes the language used in all the reviews for a VC and gives them a score ranging from -1 (overwhelmingly negative) to 1 (overwhelmingly positive).

Also worth noting is that our data is up to date as of September 17, meaning that any reviews added or removed since then are not reflected in our table or in our scores. This is why you may see a review count lower or higher than what VC Guide currently displays. We have also excluded any VCs with only one review in order to get a more complete sample. You can access our aggregated data here.

With all that out of the way, let’s find out who the worst of the worst are. [ … ]

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