The Sovietization of the American Press

The transformation from phony “objectivity” to open one-party orthodoxy hasn’t been an improvement.

I collect Soviet newspapers. Years ago, I used to travel to Moscow’s Izmailovsky flea market every few weeks, hooking up with a dealer who crisscrossed the country digging up front pages from the Cold War era. I have Izvestia’s celebration of Gagarin’s flight, a Pravda account of a 1938 show trial, even an ancient copy of Ogonyek with Trotsky on the cover that someone must have taken a risk to keep.

These relics, with dramatic block fonts and red highlights, are cool pieces of history. Not so cool: the writing! Soviet newspapers were wrought with such anvil shamelessness that it’s difficult to imagine anyone ever read them without laughing. A good Soviet could write almost any Pravda headline in advance. What else but “A Mighty Demonstration of the Union of the Party and the People” fit the day after Supreme Soviet elections? What news could come from the Spanish civil war but “Success of the Republican Fleet?” Who could earn an obit headline but a “Faithful Son of the Party”?

Reality in Soviet news was 100% binary, with all people either heroes or villains, and the villains all in league with one another (an SR was no better than a fascist or a “Right-Trotskyite Bandit,” a kind of proto-horseshoe theory). Other ideas were not represented, except to be attacked and deconstructed. Also, since anything good was all good, politicians were not described as people at all but paragons of limitless virtue — 95% of most issues of Pravda or Izvestia were just names of party leaders surrounded by lists of applause-words, like “glittering,” “full-hearted,” “wise,” “mighty,” “courageous,” “in complete moral-political union with the people,” etc.

Some of the headlines in the U.S. press lately sound suspiciously like this kind of work:

— Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty

— Champion of the middle class comes to the aid of the poor

— Biden’s historic victory for America

The most Soviet of the recent efforts didn’t have a classically Soviet headline. “Comedians are struggling to parody Biden. Let’s hope this doesn’t last,” read the Washington Post opinion piece by Richard Zoglin, arguing that Biden is the first president in generations who might be “impervious to impressionists.” Zoglin contended Biden is “impregnable” to parody, his voice being too “devoid of obvious quirks,” his manner too “muted and self-effacing” to offer comedians much to work with. He was talking about this person:…[    ]

What do you think?

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Call Me Them
4 months ago

This is almost as bad as Pravda. No mention of stolen election. No mention of how it was their acts of economic sabotage and mass murder that led to the need for stimulus in the first place. No mention of fact that the poor get almost nothing from this spending once you factor in the accompanying price increases. No mention of how they blatantly doctor inflation data in ways that would make even Stalin blush.

4 months ago

Pravda used to be more fair and balanced than our media

4 months ago

the soviets never taught their children to be ashamed of their nation, identity, gender and race.

4 months ago

Journalism is dead. The mainstream news is so polluted with Pravda-like propaganda touting the wonders of the Democratic Party and its “supreme leader” Biden, they don’t even try to be unbiased anymore.

4 months ago

No one sees much of Biden’s dementia. They keep him hidden away and let Kamala do all the serious talking and negotiations. Biden is a puppet!

tara talks
4 months ago

Comedians can’t even dare to poke fun at Biden, for fear of being criticized as a white supremacist and cancelled by the woke crowd.

Believe me … there are tons of things that could be parodied about Biden. He radiates boredom not to mention his non-stop dementia moments.

4 months ago

Media are trying to paint Biden as our “savior” from the Bad Orange Man. They’ll need to do that for a while because they are fearful the people will uprise still over the stolen elections.

Can anyone explain to me why we still have barricades around our Capitol and National Guards stationed there if it isn’t to scare and intimate people and keep them from uprising against the fraudulent elections.

cup of joe
4 months ago

American mainstream news has always been biased towards liberals. At least they are now revealing their true face instead of postering on how objective and balanced they were.



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