The Rough House / NELO DÉCOR

 Located in a residential area in District 6 – HCMC, the owner’s desire is to create a luxurious, modern and most refined living space for the whole family on the very foundation of the house from the early childhood. A truly unique work of design, generous and perfect as the owner’s style is performed by Nelodecor as an requirement.

Choosing ideas that seem simple and popularly in shapes, we create the optimal solution for the most conversational between nature and the members living in this house.

The throughout idea in the design concept is to ensure the seamless, airy. All spaces are open to green trees, lake to ensure the whole campus is always cooled by the natural wind. Modern, powerful design with metallic, raw materials mainly metal, rough stone combined with green trees and wood to create an extremely confident and liberal style.

Ground floor: The highlight is open duplex, the space connects Guest room – Kitchen – Dining room: where the view is at the straight direction of the pool, creating the effect of clearing the boundary between the interior and exterior. Functional areas are commonly categorized by luxury furniture….[   ]

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