The Racial Reckoning’s New Normal: 50 Murders Per Day (

Everybody is talking about murders, such as the Atlanta massage parlor massacres, the Muslim terrorist in Boulder, and the Washington, D.C., adolescent girl carjackers.

But tiny sample sizes of spectacular crimes allow polemicists to hype whichever claims they want. What we need are large amounts of data.

For example, everyone finally now admits what I’ve been saying for months: that murders went up a record-breaking percentage in 2020. But most still don’t want to admit it had anything to do with Black Lives Matter. One way to begin analyzing what caused the homicide boom of 2020 is to measure when it ignited. So, later in this column I’ve graphed every firearm murder day by day for 2019 and 2020.

Of course, if you only think about one crime at a time, you can spin each one however you please. For instance, the national press decided that the Atlanta murders were all about White Supremacy and Anti-Asian Hate, which was convenient for reinforcing The Narrative during 2021 when numerous videos have circulated of blacks assaulting Asians on the street.

So, the media agreed to blame the spa shootings on Trump referring to the “Chinese virus” eleven months ago. Granted, back during the George W. Bush era, the press would have instead used the killer’s confession about his religious-sexual motivations as proving the horrors of evangelical Christianity. But fundamentalists are now seen as a defeated, almost powerless enemy, and so the ideological mopping-up operation has moved on from Christians in particular to whites in general.

In contrast, the official story line about the Boulder shooter is Gun Control.

Why didn’t gun control come up much regarding Atlanta? Well, that shooter used a handgun, while the Boulder murderer employed a Ruger that’s officially classified as a pistol, but it looks like one of those scary military-type rifles that feature so prominently in the paranoia porn of liberals.

The Biden Administration is gearing up to crack down on rifles, seeing them as the white man’s weapon. In reality, according to the FBI’s statistics, rifles accounted for only 5 percent of all 2019 homicides in which a particular type of gun was identified, with shotguns adding 3 percent. Handguns, in contrast, were used in 92 percent of known gun homicides.

Of course, handguns are the main weapon with which blacks slaughter blacks in such vast numbers. White Democrats like Joe Biden aren’t terribly interested in reducing the number of blacks murdered by other blacks, especially if they’d have to admit that murder is largely a black problem in the U.S. You aren’t supposed to know this, but in 2019, 55.9 percent of known murder offenders were black. And blacks traditionally are responsible for a slightly larger share of gun murders than of total murders due to their cultural predilection toward shooting into crowds of partyers in the general direction of that guy who dissed them….[    ]

What do you think?

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