The Countries Most And Least Accepting Of Migrants (inforgraphic)

This chart shows the top and bottom scoring countries in Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index (top possible score is 9.0).

According to research from Gallup, the world is becoming less accepting of migrants as the European Union debuts a new migration pact. The latest edition of its Migrant Acceptance Index has found that several EU countries are among the least accepting countries of migrants globally including Hungary, Croatia, Latvia and Slovakia.

The index is based on three questions asked in 145 countries in 2019. Respondents were asked whether they think migrants living in their country, becoming their neighbors or marrying into their families are good or bad things.

While several EU countries in Eastern Europe were at the bottom of the scale, Canada was at the top with a score of 8.46 out of a highest-possible value of 9.0. Iceland was named the world’s second most accepting country of migrants with a score of 8.41 while New Zealand rounded off the top-three.

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Posted by Moises Arias

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