Average College Tuition (and Fees) Increased by 1200% since 1980


The average cost of getting a college degree has soared relative to overall inflation over the last few decades.

The Real Reason Millennials are Struggling


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Why Our Schools Need Better Architecture


Matheus Pereira

How Far a 50K Salary would get you in 30 American Cities


Have you ever wondered what you could afford on a specific salary each year? Let’s take $50,000 per year for example! This infographic looks at how far that salary would get you in 30 different cities across the United States. The biggest comparison on this infographic looks at El Paso, Texas versus San Francisco, California. In terms of average salary alone, the average salary in San Francisco is 111.6% higher than it is in El Paso!

20 quotes to inspire children to read


A compilation of inspiring quotes from authors, intellectuals, and celebrities to encourage literacy in young people