Weather Related Migraines: 8 Tips to Dodge Another Brain Storm

Paula Dumas

Dark clouds don’t just mean “take cover” to a person with Migraine. For many of us, an approaching storm signals the unavoidable beginning of another raging Migraine attack. My friend and fellow Migraineur, Nan, used to say she was a human barometer – she could predict a storm before the weatherman. Can you?

According to a 2013 University of Cincinnati study, there was a 31 percent increased risk of headache and a 28 percent increased risk of Migraine for chronic headache sufferers on days lightning struck within 25 miles of study participants’ homes. In addition, Japanese university researchers found that 64 percent of the patients they tracked through a year of storms experienced migraines when barometric pressure dropped.

The International Headache Society identifies seven triggers for weather related migraines:

Temperature changes
High humidity
High winds
Stormy weather
Extremely dry conditions
Bright lights and sun glare
Barometric pressure changes

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