United We Fall, Divided We Stand

United We Fall, Divided We Stand, by Robert Gore

Robert Gore

Governments are collectivism and control—unity under tyranny. According to IRS data for 2015, the latest year available, 45 percent of American households paid no taxes, the top 50 percent by income paid 97.2 percent, and the top 1 percent, with 21 percent of the nation’s income, paid 39 percent. Those statistics are a clarion call for disunity. If producers decided en masse, a la Atlas Shrugged, to secede from current arrangements, those arrangements would collapse.

If you’re footing the bill, isn’t that the desired outcome? Most divorces would be more amicable if they began earlier, after it was obvious the divorce was inevitable but while there was still some comity between the parties. Right now, before the inevitable collapse, a managed process of dissolution, managed disunity if you will, would be more desirable than the messy break-up that’s coming.

There’s nothing sacrosanct about political arrangements whereby fifty states send a good share of their production to a federal government that grows ever more powerful, intrusive, and repressive. But because the government and its political support depend parasitically on that production, managed dissolution will never happen. Imagine a split of the US between its maker and taker regions into two nations. How long would the latter last?

So is producers’ secession a pipe dream? Not at all, because crisis and unmanaged dissolution will happen. The pipe dream is that the government’s roughly 3.4 million civilian and 1.4 million military personnel will be able to suppress, manage, or contain uprisings fueled by an appreciable portion of the rest of country’s 325 million people. Yes the government has bullets, bombs, surveillance, data bases, and prisons. Insurrectionists of all stripes will have their own bullets and bombs, sheer numbers, anger, desperation, hackers, and guerrilla warfare, which numerous foreign engagements have demonstrated the US military’s inability to quell. Chaos is the betting favorite.

The shattering will present producers with our best opportunity since the American Revolution (the US disuniting from Great Britain) to defend territory and set up political arrangements based on liberty, individual rights, honest production, and voluntary exchange. In the meantime, we must reject our oppressors’ calls for unity. It isn’t free and we’re paying for it. Disunity is our path to freedom.

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