Tucker Carlson, George Soros, And Property Rights

Kurt Nimmo

If you read the George Soros funded website ThinkProgress, you might come away believing the First Amendment trumps property rights.

According to Alan Pyke, writing for the Democrat centric website—supported by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, yet another Soros operation—the “protesters” that violated the property rights of Tucker Carlson were merely exercising their First Amendment right, a constitutional right the SJW crowd apparently believe protects the act of defacing Carlson’s property with an “anarchist” symbol.

If Pyke and his source can be believed, the other “protesters”—this is what the media calls violent Antifa goons—disapproved of this act of defacement of private property. However, they seem to believe leaving a public sidewalk, crossing over uninvited on Carlson’s property, and pounding on the door and threatening they know where Tucker sleeps at night, is covered by the First Amendment.

Mr. Pyke admits the point of this invasion of private property was not merely a protest, but rather an exercise in intimidation.

“The point of these direct actions, the activists behind them consistently say, is to deliver an emotional counterpunch to bad actors in U.S. politics whose work raises threat levels for marginalized communities. The point, in other words, is to unsettle and frighten—and I certainly would have been frightened had it been me in that house,” he writes.

It is not explained how Carlson’s wife and children raised “threat levels for marginalized communities,” or how Tucker’s Fox Show has threatened the SJW mob and their delicate sensibilities regarding the First Amendment right of “bad actors” (Americans who are not Democrat, progressive, and socialist).

The very presence of people who disagree with Antifa, ThinkProgress, Soros, and the amoral and vicious mandarins steering a corrupt and criminal DNC is considered an attack on the “marginalized,” and thus deserving a punch in the face or a bike lock upside the head.

Violating Tucker Carlson’s property rights, vandalizing his home, and calling for his murder while he sleeps is now standard behavior for the Democrat “resistance,” and if the people involved in this act are not arrested and charged (and they will not), this sort of behavior will continue and intensify.

Next up: the murder of some Fox News talking head as he or she eats dinner at a restaurant or walks the dog.

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