The Professions With Highest (And Lowest) Suicide Rates

The Professions with Highest (and Lowest) Suicide Rates


From 1999 to 2016, the suicide rate in the United States increased by a troubling 30%. What’s more, there is a clear gender divide in the prevalence of suicide in the United States-men commit suicide at more than three times a higher rate than women.

The CDC recently released a report showing the suicide rates of various professions in 2015. Given that job and money trouble ranks among the leading causes of suicide, along with Priceonomics customer, we thought we’d dive deeper into the data and calculate which professions have the highest and lowest suicide rates and how it varies by gender.

We found that the profession with the highest suicide rate is Construction and Extraction, with 52.1 deaths by suicide per 100,000 professionals, a rate that is over 200% higher than the average profession. By a large margin, the profession with the lowest suicide rate is Education, Training, and Library with a suicide rate of 5.3%, nearly 10 times lower than that of construction/extraction professionals.

Additionally, in this data set, the suicide rate for males is 26.0 per 100,000 professionals compared to 7.1 for women. In fact, for all professions we looked at, men had a higher suicide rate.

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