The Nation’s Fiscal Doomsday Machine Is Now Unstoppable

David Stockman

Earlier this year the Donald provoked a bleep-hole moment per the Fox “family channel” or what was otherwise known as the shit-hole moment across the rest of the MSM.

But whatever you called the contretemps spurred by the president’s crude utterance with regard to certain countries domiciled on the African continent, the claim this was evidence that he’s an incorrigible racist was risible. Actually, we already knew that the Donald is a semi-literate bully, who never got (read) the memo on racial comity—to say nothing of political correctness.

Still, there is a not inconsiderable share of Washington’s preening, self-important ruling class that indulges in that very same kind of gutter talk on a regular basis when puffing their chests and marking the objects of their displeasure. That’s why the shaming chorus which sprung up from all corners of the Swamp was enough to give hypocrisy a bad name.

But if we have to have a shaming of politicians, there is a far better reason for it than that unfortunate presidential slur.

To wit, Trump and the GOP deserve everlasting ignominy for literally shit-canning fiscal rectitude. So doing, they have completely abandoned the GOP’s fundamental reason for being— watch-dogging the US Treasury—in favor of immigrant-bashing, border hysteria and what boils down to crude nativism by any other name.

You do not drain the Swamp and shackle Leviathan, however, by obsessing on and demogoguing about a non-problem that requires muscling up the state’s internal control apparatus and wasting tens of billions more on Mexican Walls, border enforcement armies and deportation dragnets across the length and breadth of the land.

The fact is, five pro-liberty and pro-free market steps would make the whole trumped up border “invasion” bunkum and balderdash go away in a heartbeat. These would include:

• Legalizing all drugs and turning the distribution job over to nonviolent operators like, say, Phillip Morris;

• Freely handing out guest worker permits at the 48 border control stations and regularly renewing them upon demonstration of gainful employment (W-2 forms);

• Denying any and all forms of Federal welfare to non-citizens;

• Providing guest workers a ten-year route to citizenship if they hold a steady job, don’t break the criminal law (speeding tickets ok) and pay an admission fee based on a modest percentage of their cumulative W-2 wages; and

• Permitting all so-called illegals already here to obtain a guest worker permit at the nearest Federal courthouse and to embark on a 10-year route to citizenship if they hold a job,

observe the law, pay the admission fee and also a reasonable fine for their original misdemeanor (crossing the border illegally).

That would end the drug-cartel related violence at the border once and for all and bring America what it desperately needs: Namely, more strong backs to supplement what is a declining pool of native born workers, and, to put it crudely, more young tax-mules to help fund the crushing Welfare State burden implicit in the tsunami of Baby Boom retirements, which will double the benefit rolls from 55 million to 100 million over the next several decades.

And that brings us to the true bleep-hole moment of the Trump presidency: Namely, the fact that he and the Congressional GOP have spent 20-months literally desecrating every principal that the once and former party of fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and minimal public debt ever stood for.

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