The Hormone-Balancing Milk I Make Instead Of Almond Or Soy (Flax Milk)

Alexandra Catalano

Do you remember those dark days when coffee shops would give you major side-eye when you asked for almond milk? For years, soy milk was the standard dairy-free milk substitute for vegans and individuals with dietary restrictions. Now, just a few years later, almond milk is everywhere and is being enjoyed by not just vegans and the lactose intolerant but by everyone…even your former side-eyeing barista.

While almond milk is the nondairy milk of choice for most people—according to Nielsen data as of February 2018, almond milk is bringing in $1 billion in revenue annually, and in 2016, Starbucks added almond milk to their roster of nondairy milks including soy and coconut—I’d suggest another alternative that’s often overlooked.

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