Personal Space and Psychological Comfort

Joe Navarro M.A.

1. We evolved to react to spatial violations.

2. Spatial needs are first and foremost personal — everyone has their own preferences.

3. With age, our spatial needs change — they become greater.

4. Emotions often drive how close or how far away we want others near us.

5. Anger tends to make us want others at a greater distance.

6. How others smell may affect how far we want them to stand.

7. Emotional and psychological issues may compel some to become agitated if their space is violated.

8. It is up to us to assess for spatial needs in others based on context and their personal preferences.

9. It is safer and more comforting to stand a little further back from someone you just met.

10. When we respect the spatial needs of others, we help to contribute to psychological comfort.

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