On Trump’s M.A.D. Method

Speaking to Russians and Trump’s Mad Method

Tom Luongo

The more I observe Donald Trump the more I’m convinced he’s more bark than bite, that his instincts on foreign policy are correct but his method is mad.

I was on Radio Sputnik Moscow recently discussing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly. They did a very nice write up of the interview which you can read/listen to here.

And in that interview I touched on a number of things I’ve been writing about currently that I think are very important to remember as events spiral out of control.

President Trump’s and his top administration officials’ behavior in foreign circles have created a lot of chaos. That’s not news.

And we know that chaos is part of Trump’s method. He likes to stir the pot and get people, “on tilt.”

It helps him cut through the barriers people put up and get right to the heart of a matter. It’s a style that is very unnerving and, I think, creates a lot of confusion not only on the part of who he’s negotiating with but also observers of his negotiations.

We never quite know where we stand with Trump. And that’s exactly the way he likes it.

And the more he ratchets up pressure on those he’s negotiating with the harder it is for people with a conscience and a desire to see the violence in this world drop to watch it and not throw up our hands in disgust.

There is a tendency among libertarians to simply fall back on first principles and take the moral high ground when confronted with this type of situation. I get it. It’s easy.

I spent a few years being that guy.

Every once in a while I regress to that guy, especially when Trump does something monumentally stupid, which he has a few times so far as President.

But, that doesn’t mean that what has been is what will necessarily be. One of the fallacies of modern political discourse is linear thinking. Extrapolating short-term trends over the long-term holding all variables constant and coming to some inane and equally catastrophic conclusion.

If you want to know where global warming hysteria comes from, here’s your sign.

There is a willful ignorance in politics to view anything cyclically. Cooler heads prevailing doesn’t get people angry enough to hit the ‘donate’ button on a candidate’s website.

And once you have people in a heightened state of fear it’s easy to keep them there.

The same thing goes in analyzing Trump’s behavior. Just because he’s been full-throated in his support of Israel, for example, is not incontrovertible proof he’s simply another stooge for the evil Zionists in Tel Aviv.

Just because he’s ratcheting up Cold War tensions with Russia as part of his energy dominance policy does not mean he’s worse than Hillary Clinton would have been, since she was the architect of the current policy on Syria and would have never let Assad and Putin run the table like they have to this point, even if Trump has put up some opposition to it.

Trump is learning on the job. He will contradict himself. He will change course without ever admitting a mistake. That’s who he is.

He’s surrounded by people actively sabotaging him and who fundamentally disagree with his instincts for peace.

He’s got a hostile Congress, disobedient underlings, bureaucracies in full revolt, an open insurrection, and a media trying to portray all of it as so chaotic that we would all be better off if we just got rid of him.

That may sound like excuses to the overly-woke on the Right but it’s reality.

Trump isn’t Orange Jesus.

He’s a man with all of the faults, strengths and biases of any man

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