Chart: How the World’s Biggest Companies Have Changed in 10 Years

How the World’s Biggest Companies Have Changed in Just 10 Years

Jeff Desjardins

At first glance, the business world may seem quite static.

The biggest companies today – ones like Apple, Walmart, or Exxon Mobil – will likely also be some of the biggest companies tomorrow. Fast forward a week, a month, or a year, and odds are that they will still be at the top of the food chain.

But fast forward any further, and those odds change considerably. In a decade, there just has to be one bad strategic decision, a missed trend, or a colossal managerial mistake, and you have the next Kodak, Blockbuster, or Sears.


Every year, Fortune publishes a ranking of the world’s top companies by revenue.

We compared the 100 highest revenue companies in both 2008 and 2018 to see how much things change in ten years – and the results are pretty astounding.

The most fundamental finding: 43 of the 100 companies on top of today’s list were not there ten years ago. Some of the “new” entries, like Amazon or Huawei, are to be expected – but other companies like Microsoft or Apple are more surprising.

In 2008, for example, Apple was ranked just #337 in global revenue, and today it comes in 11th place.


The full graphic looks at the Top 100, but let’s zoom in just to the very top.

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