5 Ways to Reset Your Broken Internal Sleep Clock

Reset Your Broken Internal Sleep Clock & Fix Sleep Schedule

Rosie Osmun

Get your sleep clock back on track with these five strategies for resetting habits and schedules.

Each of us operates on a biological schedule that plays a big role in when we feel tired and when we feel awake. When our internal sleep clocks are functioning normally, they send our bodies signals to sleep in the evening and wake in the morning.

However, sometimes this sleep clock can fall out of sync, whether due to travel, work, stress, keeping odd hours, hormones or other factors.

This can make it difficult to fall asleep and wake up at the right times, leaving you sleep deprived or with “social jetlag” that can affect performance and moods.

If you find yourself with a broken sleep clock, there are a few strategies you can use to get back on track. Read on to learn about your sleep clock and how to reset it for better rest.

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