Study finds Victoria’s Secret models keep getting progressively more anorexic

Waistlines from Victoria’s Secret models on the catwalk keep getting tinier and tinier, according to a recent study by Boston University School of Medicine.

Models for the lingerie giant were measured from its annual fashion show, and found that they have been reduced by about an inch, from 24.7 inches in 1995 to 23.6 inches in 2018.

“To slim an inch off one’s waist — that’s very hard to do,” Dr. Neelam Vashi, the lead author of the research paper, as reported in the NY Post.

While the models’ waistlines diminished, their average height—5 foot 11 inches—and their waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 (typically about 24 inches to 35 inches) stayed the same over the past two decades. The average dress size of the models was 3.7 in 2019. This is dramatically smaller than the size 16 dress size of the average US woman, according to the study “Unattainable Standards of Beauty” published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

The NY Post interviewed several shoppers in Victoria’s Secret to find out their reactions. Many said their shopping excursion was a bust because all the garments were too small.

“I only got one bra because most of the stuff doesn’t fit women like us,” said 37-year-old Amy De La Cruz of herself and her daughters to the NY Post.

A 47-year-old woman who would only give her first name, Andrea, told the NY Post: “I mostly go for lipgloss and fragrances because I know they don’t have anything that fits me there.”

Some shoppers stated they found the study “devastating” and “disturbing,” and while they might shop at Victoria’s Secret, they don’t idealize the company’s models.

“I wouldn’t want to be those models because you read about all those eating disorders these women go through just to stay in shape and it’s sad,” the Queens woman said to the NY Post.

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