State Population By Race, Ethnicity Data (

Census statistics for Hispanics, whites, blacks and Asians for each state.

The latest Census Bureau estimates suggest about 40 percent of Americans identify as racial or ethnic minorities. Nationally, the largest racial demographic groups as of 2017 were:

  • White Non-Hispanic: 60.6 percent
  • Black Non-Hispanic: 12.3 percent
  • Asian Non-Hispanic: 5.5 percent
  • American Indian/Alaska Native Non-Hispanic: 0.7 percent

Separately, Hispanics of any race accounted for 18.1 percent of the U.S. population.

Also see the most recent data from 2019.

The following table shows state population totals by race and ethnicity, current as of 2017….[   ]

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Kobe Frey
8 months ago

Dont mess with Texas

8 months ago

Do not settle in a district or state run by black politicians.

Tag Lady
8 months ago

Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods, cities and states

8 months ago

America is becoming more trashy than ever before. Never realized so many states are just dumps.

8 months ago

1836: US invades north of Mexico with immigrants

2036: Mexico invades south of US with immigrants

9 months ago

Time to learn Spanish with Dora the Explorer

Nyasia Reed
9 months ago

Manufactured diversity is never going to work out.

9 months ago

In general ; The Mountain states (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah) , the Great Plains states (Nebraska, Dakotas,) and certain parts of New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) and the non-continental U.S. (Hawaii, Alaska) are safe states to live.

9 months ago

Accordingly, the following states should be avoided at all costs:

1 District of Columbia
2 Mississippi
3 Louisiana
4 Georgia
5 Maryland
6 South Carolina
7 Alabama
8 North Carolina
9 Delaware
10 Virginia

9 months ago

Baltimore is ghetto—it’s SO depressing to see war-torn housing.

Fisher Long
9 months ago

Hard to beat the corruption in Illinois but CA is working on it… along with other blue states.

9 months ago

I would say the 80s were the golden age for much of the USA…. Now it’s just in decline with no end in sight. Totalitarian fascist left, people of color, stupid people are in the process of destroying the USA.

9 months ago

Here’s a look at how bad the homeless problem in Los Angeles has become

9 months ago

1960: “United States of America”
2060: “Estados Unidos de América”

9 months ago

It would be super interesting to compare these states with their poverty rates, public education systems, rates of incarceration, unemployment rates, access to healthcare, etc.

Mr Random
9 months ago

Stay away from black concentrated areas. Detroit is basically a war zone, go check the pictures of the hoods. Literally it looks like a tornadoes been there

9 months ago

States with 70% and above whites and white hispanics are safe. Low crimes, nice neighborhood, etc. I’m non-white.

9 months ago

“Practically all of south Dakota voted for trump”

9 months ago

“Hispanic” is not a race, almost entirely multicultural.



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