Spotify Now Censoring Song Lyrics That Contain “Misinformation”

Socialist realism is back.

In a flashback to how art that offended the Soviet regime was blacklisted, streaming giant Spotify is now censoring song lyrics that contain “misinformation.”

Yes, really.

Music icon Ian Brown revealed that Spotify had deleted his anti-lockdown song Little Seed Big Tree, which was originally released last September.

“SPOTiFY stream the streams and censor artists like they have with my last song TOOK IT DOWN just put it down the memory hole! FREE EXPRESSiON AS REVOLUTION,” tweeted Brown.

The song included the lyrics;

Masonic lockdown, in your hometown
Masonic lockdown, can you hear me now
From the top down, soul shock down
State shakedown, mass breakdown
Global orders, riding over borders
Get behind your doors for the new world order

Brown has been a vehement voice against lockdown and mandatory vaccines, announcing that he had refused to be the headliner of Manchester’s Neighborhood Weekender festival because organizers indicated proof of COVID-19 vaccination may have been a condition of entry.

The former Stone Roses frontman asserted that he would, “NEVER sing to a crowd who must be vaccinated as a condition of attendance. NEVER EVER!”

“Spotify prohibits content on the platform which promotes dangerous false, deceptive, or misleading content about COVID-19 that may cause offline harm and/or pose a direct threat to public health. When content that violates this standard is identified it is removed from the platform,” a Spotify spokesperson told Reclaim The Net.

The practice is a continuation of enforcing a monoculture of thought by ensuring any form of art that carries a message which offends technocratic elites is blacklisted….[    ]

What do you think?

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red line
1 month ago

Like there is anything worth listening to on Spotify today. It is all trash culture.

dodger dan
1 month ago

After 4 years of Russia interference in our elections during the Trump administration (which was all proven to be fake news) … no one was every censored for the Dems propagating this misinformation.

Now that they are in power, anything that challenges their narrative must be censored and quashed! We are heading towards a one-party CCP-like rule.

1 month ago

Who are these “fact checkers” that are deciding what is misinformation and what is not? Just some clueless, ignorant brainwashed Millennials I’m betting.

1 month ago

Free speech and free thought are dying in our culture. Don’t be one of them! Be an independent thinker.

1 month ago

When will a non-libturd tech company emerge? We need one desperately. There is no checks-and-balance in this country anymore!

1 month ago

Another big tech company that believes they have the right and the power to censor. Spotify just joined the woke gang.



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