See How A.I. Brings These Historical Figures in Paintings to Life

Nathan Shipley is using artificial intelligence to bring historical figures to life, in ways we’ve never seen before. Most of these figures lived far

Nathan Shipley is using artificial intelligence to bring historical figures to life, in ways we’ve never seen before. Most of these figures lived far before the advent of photography, so there are no photographic records of them, only paintings and drawings. His clever use of AI is making these figures photorealistic for the first time. And in doing so, he’s breathing unique life into them.

We caught up with Shipley to discuss his latest work, which builds on years of research using GAN, or Generative adversarial networks. It’s a growing field of study, and one that will surely impact our lives in the coming years.

Shipley explains some of his education and process for this unique work:

“I definitely can’t claim full credit for this process – it is built on code that researchers have generously released.  However, I have done my own modifications to that code and am building a custom library of face attributes that I can use to direct the output.  My favorite part of these kinds of processes is learning how they work, how to use them, and then how to break them or use them for techniques not originally imagined!”

It’s still somewhat surreal to see William Shakespeare or Marie Antoinette as a photorealistic person, and we’re struck by how accurate the models seem to be.

We’re familiar with the notion of ‘deep fakes’, or image creation that is used with the intent of manipulating or tricking a system, but Shipley has utilized this technology on historical paintings, bringing almost an archeological perspective to the science.

“StyleGAN is a kind of machine learning architecture that can be used to “learn” how to create more of a particular kind of image that you show it.  For example, if you show it a dataset of images of cats, it will learn to create new images of cats that aren’t direct copies of the input.  Properly trained, it can make cats that don’t exist!

I come from a VFX and animation background, so it’s been fascinating to see how images can be created that would previously have been impossible.  It’s pretty technical but a really fascinating area to explore!”  [ … ]

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snoopy sam
30 days ago

Anyone want to take bets on which one of these ‘colonialist, white supremacist’ historical figures will be cancelled soon?

buttered up
30 days ago

Rembrandt … Frodo from Lord of the Rings!

get smart
30 days ago

If Andrew Jackson isn’t a shoe-in for Jordan Peterson … I’ll eat my hat.

30 days ago

Isn’t Ulysses S. Grant on The Walking Dead? (lol)

30 days ago

Henry VIII keeps changing my car’s oil …

dodger dan
30 days ago

I swear that this Shakespeare lives down the street from me.

30 days ago

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently. They look like real, actual people and much more relatable.



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