See Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog play jump rope, pick up laundry and make chalk art (

Spot can gather up the dirty clothes you left on the floor, you animal.

They dance. They explore mines. They help medical workers. Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dogs are constantly learning new tricks, and they now have a whole range of fresh moves thanks to a robotic arm and a new programming interface.

Boston Dynamics released a video on Monday showing what Spot can do with its robotic arm system. The arm mounts at the front of the robot and is capable of some fine motor skill operations such as digging a hole for a plant and making chalk drawings.

“Now that Spot has an arm in addition to legs and cameras, it can do mobile manipulation,” said Boston Dynamics. “It finds and picks up objects (trash), tidies up the living room, opens doors, operates switches and valves, tends the garden, and generally has fun.”

Each new Spot video adds to the robot’s impressive resume of abilities. Perhaps the most eye-opening piece of footage is three Spots playing jump rope with the robots on either end turning the rope perfectly in sync with each other. 

The basic Spot robot is available with optional add-ons, including a tablet controller and a lidar system. The Spot Arm video is a preview of what could be [ … ]

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7 months ago

so if the cops get these robots will a perp be charged with killing a cop if they disable the bot? like they are charged with murdering a cop when they kill a real dog cop?

7 months ago

We all know where this is headed. 

Law N Order
7 months ago

SPOT is for the military. The military and police are for the wishes of those who control their funding and pensions. That’s why SPOT exists. We can test it with the Fire Dept. or have it deliver pizzas and beer to college students, but it is a war time/authoritarian tool. And if I recall Google purchased Boston Dynamics, so 100% meant for control.

7 months ago

Will Robo Police Dogs also repeat directives non-stop for unlimited amount of time: ‘Citizen! Stop resisting!’ (as robo police dog rips ‘citizen’ limb from limb.)

Uncle Chubby
7 months ago

This is the time when a wise civilization would say enough . We have gone too far and we have seen what the terminator will do. 

7 months ago

What happens to it when you flip it on its back and take a sledge hammer to its undercarriage? 



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