Russian Fisherman Shares Scary Photos of Deep-Sea Creatures

Roman Fedortsov is a Russian fisherman who has been working on trawler for 18 years. For the past several years, he has been shooting and sharing photos of the strange and scary deep sea creatures pulled up in his nets from the dark depths of the ocean floor.

Fedortsov lives in the large port city of Murmansk. After high school, he enrolled in a marine-focused university. His specialization is in fish processing, or understanding how to best prepare fish for freezing and delivery to end customers.

“Usually at sea we have six hours for work and six hours for rest,” Fedortsov tells PetaPixel. “This time period of six hours is called a watch, and I work at the fish factory during the watch. I’m responsible for the process of fish processing, so I have to control other seamen while they are working.

“In our free time, we usually spend on having a meal, watching TV and sleeping. But I usually take photos of strange deep-sea creatures.”…[   ]

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