President Cloward, Vice President Piven

Cloward-Piven is a political strategy of calculated chaos first described in 1966, by two Columbia University sociologists, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Their theory was published appropriately in the far left The Nation, the oldest continuously published news magazine in the country. Cloward-Piven’s goal was the creation of chaos so that: “A political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”

The activities of the past year, from an imported Chinese coronavirus to a rigged and stolen presidential election are textbook Cloward-Piven, leading to a massive shift in the leadership and direction of America. We have gone to government by, of, and for the people to a tyrannical autocracy controlled by a small cabal of self-appointed elites.

Welcome to President Cloward and Vice President Piven, or vice versa for those who believe the current vice-president is really in charge, rather than the cognitively impaired president in name only.

Cloward-Piven’s objective is chaos and turmoil, or in their words, “A massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls.” This is followed by: “A federal program of income redistribution has become necessary to elevate the poor en masse from poverty.”

Is there any better recap of COVID, including lockdowns, closed businesses, schools, and churches requiring the ruling class spending trillions of dollars they don’t have, to rectify the damage and destruction unleashed by the same ruling class that now wants to correct it?

The so-called stimulus is massive income redistribution, from the producers to the nonproducers who are in their situation either by choice or through the diktats of the ruling class and their decisions which turned producers into nonproducers. The stimulus will result in much of the middle class, and states in general, to further dependency on the federal government sustenance.

In Cloward-Piven terms, a crisis is: “A publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere.” How do they create such a crisis? “Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention.”

Think of the George Floyd protests and riots, a convenient excuse for institutional disruption. Institutions of law and order suffered disruption, from calls to defund the police to blatant disregard for private property and businesses.

A pre-planned riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 created a false panic and a rushed certification of the Electoral College votes without scrutiny or review, Congress rubber-stamping a fraudulent election. It had the bonus of allowing a bogus impeachment of President Trump, kicking a man already down as a giant middle finger to Trump and his millions of supporters….[    ]

What do you think?

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cup of joe
1 month ago

Libturds think that the people can’t be trusted, especially with something as important as elections. Instead, they have self-righteously appointed their own powerful cabal to rule for the ignorant masses.

1 month ago

stolen elections have consequences

1 month ago

Democrats are the original extortionists. They created problems (widespread unemployment through covid lockdowns leading to debt and bankruptcy) and then hand out stimulus monies to temporarily “fix” the problem they previously caused.

red line
1 month ago

The Democrats are never ones to let a good chaos go to waste. They want people crippled and dependent upon the government, not free and autonomous.



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