Poland Is Removing Flashy Ads And Banners From The Streets, And Suddenly The Cities Look Much More Aesthetic (20 Pics)

Polish cities are cleansing their cities of annoying ads and billboards, and this Facebook group is documenting the process.

There’s nothing that ruins a beautiful city panorama faster than a bunch of flashy, colorful ads that clash with the surroundings. Realizing that, the Polish city of Gdańsk, along with Warsaw and a few other cities, are slowly getting rid of these eyesores thanks to the local and national versions of the Landscape Protection Act. And there’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to documenting the process.

The Facebook page in question is named Pogromcy Reklamozy (translating to Advertising Busters), and it regularly shares pictures of buildings before and after the ugly ad and billboard removal. Not only that – the page also calls out any illegal ads that its fans manage to spot, ensuring that the Polish cities slowly, yet surely, become almost entirely free of annoying advertisements.

Check out some of the best before and after pics shared by Pogromcy Reklamozy in the gallery here!

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