Pigs can be trained to play video games, say researchers

Despite poor vision and a severe lack of thumbs, Hamlet and other pigs could learn to be gamers.

They’ve long been thought of as smarter than your average animal, but now researchers claim they have taught pigs to use a joystick, suggesting they are even cleverer than previously thought.

Pigs have previously been found to be capable of a host of tasks, including solving multiple-choice puzzles, and learning commands such as “sit”.

Now researchers in the US say they have successfully trained four pigs to manipulate a joystick and control a cursor on a monitor.

“Potentially there may be more that pigs are capable of learning and understanding and responding to than we have previously envisaged,” said Prof Candace Croney of Purdue University, who co-authored the research.

Writing in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Croney and co-author Dr Sarah Boysen report how they used tasty treats to train the pigs to move the joysticks using their snouts while watching a computer screen.

The researchers then presented the quartet with a video game in which the pigs had to use the joystick to manoeuvre a cursor until it collided with one of four wall-like structures on screen. Upon collision the game made a “bloop” sound and the pig received a treat.

The more successful the pig was, the fewer the number of walls presented in the game.

The team analysed the last 50 trials by each pig on the three-, two- and one-wall scenarios in turn, determining how often the pig hit a target wall with their first cursor movement.

The results reveal Hamlet and Omelette, three-month-old male Yorkshire pigs, were able to complete the task better than chance when presented with two walls or a single wall on screen, but not when presented with three walls….[   ]

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dodo bird
25 days ago

Dems could learn a thing or to from this. Positive reinforcement works better than negative force.

agent 99
25 days ago

I’ve read that they are smarter than dogs. I’ll never be able to eat bacon or ham again.

milky way
25 days ago

They are smarter than some Democrats.



Posted by Derek Bell

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