Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Testified About Election Fraud and Irregularities in 2020 Election – Then AG Special Agents Harassed Them and Now They're Being Sued (

The far left officials running the elections forced the GOP poll watchers into a small pen where they could not witness the counting of ballots. This was a common tactic used in swing states by far left officials during the 2020 election. GOP poll watchers were abused and prevented from doing their job.

This resulted in massive chain of custody issues across the US — and always hampering Republican poll watchers, never the other way around. This is one tactic Democrats used to cheat and steal the election….[   ]

What do you think?

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8 months ago

How can they possibly sue these people? They are Republican volunteers who are just trying to uphold free and fair elections. They should be given a medal for their courage to speak up about this injustice.

8 months ago

Democracy is dead. The libturds want a one-party system to advance their progressive Neo-Marxist agenda.

squeaky clean
8 months ago

This is a clear marker that we are moving towards totalitarianism. Free and fair elections are becoming a thing of the past.

8 months ago

If you had ANY doubt that the 2020 elections were stolen … here is proof. The Democrats are trying to frighten people for daring to investigate their fraud.



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