Pandemic, Meet Panopticon. Panopticon, Meet Pandemic. (

At a time like this, we gotta stand together.

This is a story in which I cover a lot of ground. The reason I wrote it is because every time I have a conversation with a friend who is still on the fence about the high percentage of blatant billionaire abuse in what we are currently living through, it turns into a bit of a groundhog day. And so I do the dance, refer to the science I’ve known about for a year but the respectable media is only daring mention now (sideways and with disclaimers), etc. etc. Often, in the middle of the conversation, I find that the person I am talking to has created a psychographic image of a “lockdown skeptic” in their head, and then we have to unwrap the scroll and do the dance again. For example, I often find that because I am observing a clear attempt at global digital colonization, as destructive in its impact as the colonial ventures of the past, or because I don’t trust the famous tech billionaires with my mind or body—or because I haven’t forgotten the story of smallpox blankets (or what Hitler did) and I don’t believe that the mind of a colonizer has changed since then—then it must be that I “don’t believe that the virus can kill” etc. To solve the talking points problem once and for all, I went deep into the woods and described my views (as of this second) in excruciating detail. Everything I say is an opinion. At this moment. My personal opinion based on my life experience and instincts. Experience- and instinct-based opinion is the best a human being can hope for as far as proximity to the truth. Do we agree on that?

I am not afraid to express my opinion about the “pandemic measures.” Why? Because I have an inner clarity about what’s at stake. It is my own deep feeling, not anybody’s whisper. The details might iron out this way or the other—but the overall trajectory is clear. I am familiar with history, I feel it with my entire body, and I don’t care if the Pravda of today—or the people who are still enchanted—don’t approve of my opinion. Petty things like that don’t matter at a time like this. I am an artist, and that title comes with responsibility. My job is not to give in to the abusive bullies but to be true to what I feel. 

So no, I am not afraid. 

And furthermore, I am also not afraid to talk about it—be it with people who agree with me or with those who don’t. To my senses, it’s illegal to yell at anyone who is sincere and respectful—both ways—and whose heart is in a pure place. No one owns the truth, things constantly evolve, and any well-intended, open-minded conversation is great. However, when people get triggered by disagreement with their talking points, screw that crap. Saliva-spitting, dehumanizing narrative addicts come in [ … ]

What do you think?

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7 months ago

Democrat Party’s Totalitarian System Promotion Entity.

7 months ago

Science follows party lines……didnt you know

7 months ago

The Fakedemic / Scamdemic / Plandemic is unwinding.
But GITMO is just getting started – Gavin Newsom is on the list.

7 months ago

This won’t end. The Globalists, Deep Staters, Democrats will release ebola next. They can’t let their control back slide. We are being set up for more deaths and lose of freedoms.

7 months ago

Has anyone noticed that tv shows and movies are still being produced in California? How is that possible when small business are shut down?

7 months ago

The mask mandates were a trick to allow Antifa and BLM Rioters to conceal their identity, circumventing laws that prohibit face coverings.

7 months ago

Less than two months after the fraud elections, the pandemic is suddenly over. Never saw that one coming

7 months ago

The virus hoax was a thinly veiled excuse to implement martial law. A lockdown is another name for martial law. Like all of the new totalitarian rules in this collapsing society, they claim it is for people’s safety, but almost nobody is buying that absurd claim anymore.



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