Online Q&A Quora Hit With Layoffs

The online question-and-answer startup has announced that the company is laying off staff in its Bay Area and New York offices.

CEO Adam D’Angelo wrote that the layoffs and “organizational changes” were necessary to focus on “scaling the organization in a financially responsible way.”

The scale of the 10-year-old startup’s layoffs was not disclosed, but in 2019 the company had around 200 employees. Recode reported in 2019 that Quora was valued at $2 billion and received $225 million from investors such as Peter Theil, Benchmark, and Y Combinatory.

When TechCrunch contacted D’Angelo for further comment he wrote: ““[W]e need to reduce our burn rate to a sustainable level from which we can focus on pursuing the mission and growing the business over the long term. We do not want to be dependent on outside capital, so self-reliance and careful management of our resources are crucial to our future.”

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Posted by Jordan Hooper

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