New ‘Woke’ Wonder Woman Slammed As ‘Overweight, Badly-dressed Frump’

DC comics has continued to bow to pressure from ‘woke’ trolls online, unveiling a “variant cover of the Wonder Woman 1984” on which the superhero is overweight, has a weird purple skin colour, and sports really bad mom jeans.

The new version of Wonder Woman has seemingly also had a massive breast reduction, following complaints that the superhero’s large mammaries contributed to an overtly sexualised image that sends the wrong message to young girls.

Writing for RT, Nicholas Sheppard comments “The image exemplifies everything the comic-book industry has succumbed to in recent years – the latest example in an ongoing trend of agenda-driven identity politics, in which classic themes of heroism and sacrifice have been superseded by themes of diversity and inclusivity and the avoidance of anything that could be interpreted as problematic.”

“In place of a dynamic flowing costume, her ensemble consists of an orange boob-tube and the kind of mom-jeans worn by middle-aged mid-western chicks at Shania Twain concerts,” Sheppard adds.

“Her thighs have been rendered so large it is as if the performer Lizzo had spent the entirety of quarantine bingeing on deep-fried Mars Bars and eschewed any fitness regime beyond schlepping between the fridge and the couch,” he adds.

Critics of the variant Wonder Woman questioned why promoting obesity is somehow a more ‘body positive’ image than a fit and healthy woman:

You can find hilarious critiques of the PC Wonder Woman HERE.

The author of the new Wonder Woman attempted to offset criticism of the image by suggesting it represents an alien who is cos-playing as Wonder Woman.

Yeh, sure.

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