Minister of Loneliness

After UK’s move two years ago, Japan has also appointed a “Minister of Loneliness” to take try and reduce loneliness and social isolation among its residents as the country deals with rising suicide rates, Tomohiro Osaki reported for the Japan Times.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto, who is already a minister in charge of dealing with Japan’s declining birthrate and promoting regional revitalization, to oversee government policies to deal with loneliness and isolation, earlier this month. Prime Minister Suga chose Sakamoto as his Minister for economic revitalization when he was elected in September 2020.

“Women are suffering from isolation more (than men are), and the number of suicides is on a rising trend,” Suga told Sakamoto on a February 12 news conference announcing the new role, according to the Japan Times. “I hope you will identify problems and promote policy measures comprehensively.” ….[     ]

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last word
1 month ago

Japan once again illustrates how an islander people isolated from the world can and do go crazy

If they were actually a social tribe, it would mitigate some of these trends, like some Pacific Islander tribes.

The UK also suffers from islander mentality, no wonder why they also have a Minister of Lonliness

Rudi Mentary
1 month ago

Overreaction to the not so deadly virus with dumb social distancing and lockdowns is the problem. Appointing a useless bureaucrat won’t solve anything. Ending the lockdowns might.

1 month ago

If the majority of people weren’t such pussies covid restrictions wouldn’t have lasted 1 month.

American Gulak
1 month ago

No wonder. Especially in Japan.

There was an experiment by John B. Calhoun with rats in a cage, whereby the population was allowed (and stimulated) to grow without bounds. After a certain population density was reached, rats would get apathic, fail to groom, fail to reproduce, etc..

Mr Random
1 month ago

Put on your mask, stop complaining and shut up…peasants.

Search This
1 month ago

The first world can only exist in Loneliness and Low child births for so long.

1 month ago

This is happening to the young people in all the western countries, they’re too addicted to the internet to procreate, and pretty soon it’ll be too late for them.  

1 month ago

Suicide has always been part of Japanese culture.
You name it, they do it.

1 month ago

The obvious Fauci answer is three masks and 18 feet of distance.

1 month ago

More people will end up dying of Covid response, than Covid.

F—ing lunatics.

1 month ago

This is the true cost of all these insane Covid lockdowns and quarantines. No one is factoring in the mental health crisis from mandated social distancing.



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