Millions without power in Texas as temperatures plunge as low as -20 C

Electricity prices spike more than 10,000% on the Texas power grid

A rare deep freeze in Texas that raised demand for power forced the U.S. state’s electric grid operator on Monday to impose rotating blackouts that left nearly three million customers without electricity.

The cold snap sweeping Texas reached the northern part of neighbouring Mexico as well, where authorities said 4.7 million users lost power early on Monday.  Around midday, service had been restored to almost 2.6 million of them.

The website, which tracks power outages, said 2,820,764 Texas customers were experiencing outages around 2 p.m. CT

U.S. President Joe Biden approved the state’s emergency declaration, unlocking federal assistance to tackle the rare deep freeze, where temperatures ranged from – 2 to -22 C.

Apart from Texas, much of the United States from the Pacific Northwest through the Great Plains and into the mid-Atlantic states has been in the grip of bone-chilling weather over the weekend, featuring snow, sleet and freezing rain.

“The Texas power grid has not been compromised. The ability of some companies that generate the power has been frozen,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter on Monday. “They are working to get generation back on line.”

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5 months ago

Pelosi should start the third impeachment proceedings for Trump.!

Search This
5 months ago

The most ‘Murican’ part of ‘Murica’

Last edited 5 months ago by Search This
Nico Norris
5 months ago

Have fun trying to use that bitcoin with no power

5 months ago

Look! Winter.

5 months ago

I bet all the Californians that moved to Texas wish they were back in California now. Lol.

Tag Lady
5 months ago

texas also knocked out power in northern mexico

5 months ago

I think the only appropriate federal response is to impeach Trump

5 months ago

I remember the California blackouts in 2000, and it turned out Enron was heavily involved in manipulating that situation. 
‘Any system that can be gamed, will be gamed, and at the worst possible time.’

5 months ago

I read a little while back that Texas was the #1 crypto mining state in the country. Priorities.

Franco Combs
5 months ago

Electric cars, open borders and a trans-gender military will fix this problem.

5 months ago

Welcome to the unpredictable, wildness of climate change. It ain’t all “global warming” folks.

5 months ago

It all shows you just how fragile the entire system really is. 

5 months ago

Sounds like the companies generating power need back up generators for these freezing people.

5 months ago

We have literal third-world conditions in Texas.
And these are the good days, can’t wait the state turns full-blown blue!



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