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Race and Crime: the Causes of Black Crime Rates

First, let’s look at the basic statistics on race and crime in America. Some people like to point out that Whites commit more crimes each year than Blacks. This is true, but only because Whites make up a greater proportion of the population than Blacks.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports show that, relative to their share of the population, African-Americans make up a disproportionately high share of criminals, especially violent criminals, and this means that they commit crime at a higher per capita rate than Whites do. Asian Americans, by contrast, commit crime at a lower rate than Whites do.

Some people try to obfuscate this fact by pointing out that most crime is intra-racial. This is true, but the fact that most crimes with Black offenders also have Black victims does not change the fact that there are more Black crimes per capita than White crimes. Furthermore, when crime is inter-racial it is usually Black on White.

So far, I’ve been relying on arrest statistics as a proxy for crime. Some argue that this is invalid because the police are biased and Blacks are more likely to be arrested than Whites. This argument can easily be refuted using data from The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). The NCVS is a survey carried out yearly in which the Department of Justice asks Americans about their experience with crime over the last year. The DOJ first asks participants if they have been the victim of a violent crime and, if they have, they are asked to answer various questions about the crime and the perpetrator of said crime.

Using this data, the proportion of violent criminals who are Black, according to the victims of violent crimes, can be calculated. We can then compare these figures to the offender rates by race in the FBI’s arrest data. Doing so reveals that there is essentially no racial bias in arrest data.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions and Side-effects | VaxxTracker was created by a group of NGO citizens concerned about potential risks associated with vaccinations. During these unprecedented times, various pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with the World Health Organization have fast-tracked several vaccines against the COVID-19 virus.

Standard practice for the development and testing of vaccines often takes years, even decades. In order to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine governments have accelerated the process. Therefore, numerous side effects may surface from this new vaccine.

The purpose for is to provide those who have received any vaccination a safe place to report negative side-effects and assist developers as they work to perfect it. The VaxxTracker web site acts independently from all government, pharmaceutical, or lobbying groups. We represent those who have already received or those who are considering taking taking a vaccination.

VaxxTracker will compile the collected data and present our findings to authorities to better understand and develop safer vaccines. As more data are collected, we will generate and submit reports that reveal patterns and complications as they arise.

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Neo-racists in state government prioritizing Blacks and Latinos for COVID vaccination

If you are an 85-year-old in Virginia living at home and hoping to get vaccinated for COVID, you'd better be black or Hispanic if you're in a hurry.  A new wave of racism is sweeping across the country in the guise of "anti-racism" or "equity."  A better term is "neo-racism," for unlike the previous waves of state-sanctioned racism under slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow (all of them largely at the hands of Democrats), this wave of racism claims to be about fighting racism, though, in fairness, it is also largely being implemented at the hands of Democrats.

Judicial Watch explains:

In a move that is outraging senior citizens throughout Virginia, the state is shifting its COVID-19 vaccination distribution to prioritize black and Latino residents even as desperate 85-year-olds interviewed by Judicial Watch struggle to get the shot. Like several other states, Virginia is vaccinating its population in phases, with healthcare personnel and residents of long-term care facilities receiving utmost priority. With that population completed, according to the Virginia Department of Health, the second group includes a peculiar combination of frontline workers, people 65 and over, those with medical conditions, incarcerated criminals and those living in homeless shelters or "migrant labor camps."

As if it were not bad enough that law-abiding seniors are considered as important to Virginia officials as convicts and illegal immigrants, now comes another slap in the face. In the next few weeks, the state will give preference to black and Latino residents 65 and over while much older white seniors, many in their 80s, cannot secure an appointment to get inoculated. The plan was announced a few days ago by Dr. Danny Avula, who was appointed by Governor Ralph Northam this year to be the state's vaccine coordinator. A Richmond news report calls it the latest step taken by Virginia to bake equity into its vaccination policies. In recent weeks, the article says, roughly 10,000 vaccines were channeled specifically toward trusted clinics in neighborhoods with older black residents. (snip)

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